ISU Office of the Vice President for Research

Iowa State research teams in the College of Engineering are developing a computing toolbox
to help scientists manage DNA sequencing data. More»

ISU researchers are using the pilot-scale algal facility at the BioCentury Research Farm to study production of algae for food, feed and fuel purposes. More»

Nusser, professor of statistics, began in her new role on Feb. 1. She joined the
Iowa State faculty in 1992.  More»

Meta!Blast won the People's Choice Award—games and apps—in the 2013 Science &
Engineering Visualization Challenge. See a game demo»

Professor Stephen Howell: this may pave the way for the development of crop varieties that can stand up to weather extremes. More»

Amy Toth and several other ISU researchers are trying to understand big declines in
populations of pollinating insects. More »

Initiatives & Opportunities

Presidential Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research—Awards Announced »

ISU Health Research Initiative to address the grand challenges in the health sciences, animals, human health, plants, and the environment.—Awards Announced »

Innovate Iowa Proof of Concept
—A streamlined process for funding innovative research. MORE »

Iowa EPSCoR—Improving Iowa's research capacity. MORE »



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