ISU Office of the Vice President for Research

Amy Toth and several other ISU researchers are trying to understand big declines in
populations of pollinating insects. More »

Interested ISU researchers should register for the spring semester Honors Mentor Program by September 19. More »

Professor Stephen Howell: this may pave the way for the development of crop varieties that can stand up to weather extremes. More»

ISU researchers use LEGO bricks to create miniature controlled environments for plant growth study. More »

ISU researchers have access to W.M. Keck Metabolomics Research Laboratory's analytical instrumentation to analyze a diverse set of small molecules called "metabolites." More »

Research by Bradley Blitvich and Jeanne Serb has one thing in common—finding genetic
tools that could lead to breakthroughs in the treatment of human disease. More»

Initiatives & Opportunities

Presidential Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research—Awards Announced »

ISU Health Research Initiative to address the grand challenges in the health sciences, animals, human health, plants, and the environment.—Awards Announced »

Innovate Iowa Proof of Concept
—A streamlined process for funding innovative research. MORE »

Iowa EPSCoR—Improving Iowa's research capacity. MORE »



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