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Jason McCullough

Iowa State University math professor shatters a 32-year-old conjecture

By Iowa State University Department of Mathematics

Jason McCullough, who joined Iowa State University last fall as an assistant professor in mathematics, just shattered the case for the 32-year standing Eisenbud-Goto conjecture.

“I rank this as the best result in the field of commutative algebra in the last decade,” said Hal Schenck, professor and chair of the Iowa State’s department of mathematics. “Hiring McCullough instantly raised the national profile of Iowa State Mathematics.”

The Eisenbud-Goto conjecture was put forward in 1984 by David Eisenbud and Shiro Goto. It theorizes that for certain algebraic varieties, or geometric spaces defined by polynomials, the regularity, a measure of computational complexity, would be less than the degree, a geometric measure of its twistedness in space. Photo by Christopher Gannon/Iowa State University.