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Category: Healthy Lives

Brett Sponseller

Bailey award recipient aims to fight infectious disease

By Paula Van Brocklin, Office of the Vice President for Research

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) causes an infectious disease that sickens about a half million Americans each year, resulting in approximately 15,000 deaths. The larger concern is that the bacterium is increasingly developing resistance to antibiotics. Iowa State University’s Brett Sponseller, associate professor of veterinary microbiology and…


Iowa State University and University of Iowa researchers join forces to battle cancer

By University of Iowa, Center for Advancement

A new partnership between Iowa’s premier veterinary college at Iowa State University and the University of Iowa’s medical college has researchers working together to examine how cancer research in pets can benefit humans—and vice versa. The program, called Side by Side in Cancer Research, has sparked new collaborations between physicians and veterinary researchers whose patients’ cancer…


Singing may reduce stress, improve motor function for people with Parkinson’s disease

By Angie Hunt, Iowa State University News Service

Singing may provide benefits beyond improving respiratory and swallow control in people with Parkinson’s disease, according to new data from Iowa State University researchers. The results from the pilot study revealed improvements in mood and motor symptoms, as well as reduced physiological indicators of stress. Researchers say the improvements among singing participants are similar to…


Iowa State University veterinarians trying to improve safety and efficiency in development of new drugs

By Fred Love, Iowa State University News Service

Iowa State University veterinary researchers are working with the Food and Drug Administration to advance an innovative in vitro model to study the oral absorption of therapeutic drugs without requiring testing on live animals. The work could lead to more efficient and safer development of new therapies for human and animal medicine.


Researchers studying Marshalltown tornado’s impact on renter, immigrant households

By Chelsea Davis, Iowa State University News Service

Sara Hamideh, assistant professor of community and regional planning at Iowa State University, is examining how the tornado that hit Marshalltown, Iowa, this summer affected housing and different types of households – particularly immigrant households and renters – in order to understand what can be done in the future to address disaster recovery needs in…


Iowa State scholar receives Robert Wood Johnson Foundation support for U-TuRN involvement

By Cathy Curtis, College of Human Sciences

Ashton Chapman, a postdoctoral research associate in human development and family studies at Iowa State University and associate director of research and engagement for the ISU Translational Research Network, also known as U-TuRN, has been selected to participate in a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation leadership development program, Culture of Health Leaders. The program is designed to equip…


Etched glass project illuminates microscopic disease to promote health literacy

By Chelsea Davis, Iowa State University News Service

The complexity and stress of a cancer diagnosis in Kimberly Moss’ family prompted her to start a project addressing health literacy. Moss, assistant professor of art and visual culture and coordinator of Iowa State University’s biological and premedical illustration program, created “The Landscapes Within,” giving viewers larger-than-life details of different defense mechanisms and cellular relationships…