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Study: Requiring landlords to disclose bedbugs cuts infestations, creates long-term savings

By Mike Krapfl, Iowa State University News Service

Chris Rehmann, associate professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering at Iowa State University, was part of a research team that developed a mathematical model to evaluate policies requiring landlords to disclose bedbug infestations. The model found that disclosing the pests is an effective way to reduce the prevalence of infestations. It also found disclosure…


New zebrafish lab gives boost to gene-editing research

By Dave Roepke, Iowa State University Internal Communications

By testing in the transparent embryos of zebrafish, Jeffrey Essner, professor of genetics, development and cell biology, and Maura McGrail, associate professor of genetics, development and cell biology, aim to develop gene-editing strategies for applications to create large-animal models of human disease — and, ultimately, gene therapy treatments for animals and humans.

Brett Sponseller

Bailey award recipient aims to fight infectious disease

By Paula Van Brocklin, Office of the Vice President for Research

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) causes an infectious disease that sickens about a half million Americans each year, resulting in approximately 15,000 deaths. The larger concern is that the bacterium is increasingly developing resistance to antibiotics. Iowa State University’s Brett Sponseller, associate professor of veterinary microbiology and…


Iowa State University and University of Iowa researchers join forces to battle cancer

By University of Iowa, Center for Advancement

A new partnership between Iowa’s premier veterinary college at Iowa State University and the University of Iowa’s medical college has researchers working together to examine how cancer research in pets can benefit humans—and vice versa. The program, called Side by Side in Cancer Research, has sparked new collaborations between physicians and veterinary researchers whose patients’ cancer…