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Category: Biosciences


Researchers develop, test new system for making biorenewable chemicals

By Mike Krapfl, Iowa State University News Service

The U.S. Department of Energy is supporting development of a new system for producing biobased chemicals that’s based on the idea of “bioprivileged molecules.” Researchers at the Center for Biorenewable Chemicals (CBiRC) based at Iowa State University introduced the idea last year, saying such molecules have new and valuable properties that aren’t possible from petrochemicals.


NSF awards $10 million for development, dissemination of genomic tools in diverse species

By National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Enabling Discovery through Genomic Tools (EDGE) program has made 11 new awards, totaling approximately $10 million, to develop genomic tools that will allow biologists to identify mechanisms that determine how genes affect an organism’s physical and functional characteristics. Amy Toth, associate professor of ecology, evolution and organismal biology at Iowa…


Iowa State University scientists study how malaria parasites take over human red blood cells

By Fred Love, Iowa State University News Service

The parasites that cause malaria make themselves at home inside a host’s red blood cells. Iowa State University’s Josh Beck, assistant professor of biomedical sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine, has shown in a pair of newly published articles just how that process works. This new understanding could help to identify new ways to…


Iowa State University scientist helps to develop rice plants to neutralize HIV transmission

By Fred Love, Iowa State University News Service

An international research group, which included Iowa State’s Raziel Antonio-Ordonez, a postdoctoral researcher in agronomy, has proven that three proteins that can help prevent the spread of HIV can be expressed in transgenic rice plants. Using plants as a production platform could provide a cost-effective means of producing prophylactics, particularly in the developing world.


Joint Iowa, Iowa State research teams win seed grants to launch bioscience projects

By Mike Krapfl, Iowa State University News Service

The research offices at Iowa State University and the University of Iowa have awarded five seed grants to help researchers on the two campuses collaborate and build joint bioscience projects. This year’s first round of grants will support development and studies of a skin-monitoring device, a molecular view of the immune system, magnetic stimulation of…