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Publication Subvention Grants Program

Request for Proposals
Deadline for Fall:  First Monday in October
Deadline for Spring:  First Monday in April
Background and Purpose of Program
An endowment has been formed from the proceeds of the sale of the ISU Press to support publication efforts on the ISU campus. Specifically, the endowment is to be used to help assure publication, in the appropriate medium, of meritorious scholarly writings and other worthy original works of the Iowa State University faculty and staff and selected others.
The grants shall be available to support the publication of the scholarly writings and other worthy productions of the faculty and staff of Iowa State University, as well as selected manuscripts by others with the additional restriction that those manuscripts deal with topics related to the State of Iowa and the surrounding region. Publications can use any appropriate medium, such as books, CDs, DVDs, or the internet. The primary intent of these grants is to support low-volume scholarly projects that are not expected to be commercially viable without assistance. However, if royalties are received, the payback mechanism described below will go into effect. The grants are not intended for journal articles, conference proceedings, outreach publications, marketing publications, high volume text books, the translation of an existing project, or the rewriting of existing projects for a new medium, such as posting printed publications on the internet. Note also that the grants are intended to help support the publication of scholarly works; they are not intended to support the research, compilation, or actual writing that goes into a scholarly work.
Applications are also accepted for series of publications edited by ISU faculty, staff or ISU centers/institutes. In this case, the authors of individual publications in the series have to be ISU faculty or staff, or the series has to cover topics of interest to Iowa or the region. Applications for subvention support of a series of publications need to outline the scope and purpose of the series and the frequency of publication. If a series is approved for a subvention grant by the Publication Endowment Committee, support for each individual publication needs to be recommended by the editor(s) to the Vice President for Research. Rules regarding repayment are in effect for each individual publication in a series, and the application guidelines listed below apply to the proposal for the series. This type of grant would cover up to five successive publications with a possibility of renewal.
The Provost has delegated to the Vice President for Research the responsibility of distributing funds for meritorious works based upon the recommendations of a Publication Endowment Committee. This committee is comprised of five faculty members selected from a list of faculty members recommended by the Faculty Senate.
Approximately $100,000 per year will be available in this program. Funds will be available for 36 months after the announcement of the award and will revert to the Publication Subvention Grant pool after that time period if not spent. However, extensions may be requested by petition to the Vice President for Research.
In cases where there is a net return on subsidized publications, 50% of the subvention shall be repaid to the Office of the Provost at ISU in the following way: As royalties become due, 50% will be repaid to ISU and 50% remain with the author(s), until a total of 50% of the subvention has been repaid. All subsequent royalty payments remain with the author(s).
Any full-time faculty member or any P&S staff member at the rank of P37 or above may apply for this award through his/her academic unit. Anyone outside of the university may apply to this program by working directly with the Office of the Vice President for Research.
Grant applications should include the following information:
  1. Cover page with title of project, names/departments of authors/co-authors and amount requested.
  2. Summary (not to exceed two pages) that includes a description of the need and of the scholarly work. Please include a copy of the table of contents or outline of the publication. Funding through Subvention Grants must be focused on publication-related costs; the program will not cover expenses related to project development or manuscript writing.
  3. Evidence of a Contractual Agreement with a Publisher is required. Please include a copy of the letter of request/intent and the subsequent contract from the prospective publishing company.
  4. Itemized Budget and a Budget Justification are required.
       An itemized budget (see format provided) should list each item and all expenses separately. The budget may include expenditures related to photocopying, new illustrations, fees for the use of images, indexing, maps for books, graduate student/hourly support, wire transfer fees, etc. Travel costs are allowable if necessary for collaborative publication purposes, either with the Publisher or other co-authors. Release time and page charges for scientific articles are not allowable. In cases in which a faculty member shares co-authorship or co-editor status with another individual based outside of ISU, it is expected that the anticipated costs associated with publishing will be shared.
       The budget justification should, for each item listed in the budget, include a complete description of the item, clearly state who does the work, if appropriate, and discuss the source or method used to obtain the estimated cost. Do not use this section to defend the project-based rationale for the expense, as this information should already have appeared in SECTION 2 (Summary).
  5. Suggested budget format:
    Itemized Expenses Subvention Request Publisher Contribution Co-author/
    Editor Contribution
    Total Item Expense

  6. Payback must be clearly stated (see above statement about net return on subsidized publications). If there is no expectation of a net return, please provide a statement.
  7. Previous support: Discuss any previous Subvention Grant funds received. Indicate the date awarded, total amount received, and the published outcome. Include a copy of the title page and table of contents.
  8. Biographical information: A curriculum vitae for the authors, co-authors, or co-editors (not to exceed two pages) must be provided.
  9. Deadline and submission instructions: Please submit applications electronically (in PDF format) to the following link by the first Monday in October (fall) or the first Monday in April (spring).


If you have any questions about this program, please contact Sue Shipitalo ( or 294-4933), Office of the Vice President for Research.


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