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Bailey Award

Bailey Research Career Development Award

Deadline to College Offices: January 31, 2017
This award was established with a generous estate gift from Carl A. and Grace A. Bailey. Mr. Bailey was an ISU alum of our electrical engineering program and a long-time employee of General Electric before retiring to Arizona. The overall goal of this award is to foster research that is innovative (outside of an established research program) and not only increases knowledge but also has practical applications. It is expected that the Bailey award will allow faculty to devote time toward high-risk, high-impact research addressing emerging scientific, technical and/or societal problems resulting in practical applications and, in appropriate disciplines, extramural funding.
One award of $50,000 per year for two or three years will be made competitively in spring 2017. The award number may vary in subsequent years.
Any full-time tenured associate professors and professors may apply for this award. Each award will be given to an individual, but he/she can have collaborators on the project. The award may be used for faculty salary support, staff salary support, graduate student and postdoc support, travel, equipment, hourly labor, and supplies.
Applications (completed in 11-point font size) should include the following:
  1. Cover page with the name of this program, the title of the proposed project, the total amount of funding sought and the date application is submitted to the respective college.
  2. Summary. Provide a 200- to 300-word summary of the project (ON SEPARATE PAGE) in language that scientists in other disciplines can understand. Include statement of problem, significance, research plan and outcome.
  3. Research plan (four pages maximum, excluding references) outlining the problem to be addressed, project objectives, research design and plan of work, and timetable.
  4. Project justification (one-page maximum) with the following components:
    1. Innovation: Explain the ways in which the research is innovative (outside of your established research program) and involves risk.
    2. Practical applications: What practical applications are expected to result and why are these likely to have a high impact?
    3. Funding plan/career development: Explain how the project fits with the priorities of funding agencies and give a plan for obtaining future funding. Also address how this award will benefit personal career development.
  5. Budget and budget justification. A detailed budget on how funds will be expended (Template provided at link below). Involvement of graduate students in the proposed study is encouraged. Funds ($50,000 per year for up to three years) will be provided and may be utilized for faculty salary, staff salary, graduate student and postdoc support, supplies, hourly labor, and equipment..
  6. Budget Template here.
  7. Citations. All relevant publications cited in the research plan and justification statements should be included (no page limit).
  8. Biographical Sketch. Please include a curriculum vitae, no longer than 5 pages.
  9. Previous, current and pending grant support. List all grants and contracts by project title, PI and/or Co-PI, source, and amount requested/awarded, and the time period of the award.
Grant Review
Each college will be asked to forward no more than one application to the Award Committee, which is made up of faculty members and administrators. This Committee will make the final recommendation to the VPR.
Deadline for receipt of applications in the colleges will be January 31, 2017; applications should be submitted electronically to the respective associate research dean in the PI's college. Colleges must provide their selections electronically to the Office of the Vice President for Research by completing the form found here and uploading the submission document. The submission window will close February 28, 2017, 11:59 p.m..
Announcement of Award
Announcement of award will be made by June 1. Funding will start July 1, 2017.


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