Research Funding: Internal and External Grants, Awards, and Contracts


The Office of the Vice President for Research helps researchers to secure federal, state, and private funding by providing an array of administrative services and infrastructure. See also the Research Services, For Researchers, and Toolbox for Researchers sections of this website. 

Internal Funding Opportunities
Opportunities and funding through the Office of the Vice President for Research are available on our Internal Sources page. This includes information about the Bailey Research Career Development Awards, Proof of Concept Initiative, Publications Subvention Grants, Startup Funds, Matching Funds for Equipment, and Cost-Sharing Funds.

Grants Hub
The Grants Hub's website includes a variety of resources and information related to finding funding opportunities. The Grants Hub also offers a service where researchers can learn about how best to utilize funding databases. This service can be requested through the Grants Hub's website.

COS Pivot Database
COS Pivot is a powerful service for researchers worldwide, offering several tools for finding funding, identifying experts and collaborators, and promoting your research. The Office of the Vice President for Research subscribes to this resource, making it freely available to all Iowa State researchers. See the COS Pivot page.

External Funding Sources
Our External Sources page delivers information about finding and obtaining external sources of research funding. 

Funding Databases
See the Funding Databases page to find links to public access databases and to the databases Iowa State University offers researchers by subscription.

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