Office of the Vice President for Research at Iowa State University

About Us

Office of the Vice President for Research

Serving Faculty and Staff

A primary focus of our work is to serve faculty and staff conducting research in the wide variety of research units here at Iowa State University. We do this by supporting ongoing research in areas of strategic importance to Iowa State, fostering new initiatives, and guiding technology commercialization. We work with faculty to establish collaborative research programs and centers. And, to help researchers secure federal, state, and private funding, we provide an array of administrative services and infrastructure. Check out the For Researchers section, as well as the Toolbox for Researchers, for easy access to tools, other resources, and services.

Encouraging Student Research

Undergraduate as well as graduate students have a wealth of opportunities to take part in research projects. Integrating research with its education mission, Iowa State is committed to giving the next generation of problem-solvers the skills they need to meet global challenges. See our For Students section.

Working with Industry

We have a long tradition of opening the doors of Iowa State's laboratories to industry partners. We make it simple for companies to find the expertise and facilities they need to solve technical problems and develop products. To find out more, see the For Industry section.

Making Headlines in Research and Innovation

Research at Iowa State results in breakthroughs and innovations at a rapid pace. Check our latest research news and find more at Iowa State's News Service.





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